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Thursday, July 4, 2013

QTP 11 Clean Uninstall

Here are the tips to completely uninstall QTP 11 from your machine. I have followed below steps.

You must follow a specific installation process of QTP in order to clean uninstall.

Installation Process:

  • Took a machine that is not installed QTP before
  • Backup Registry
  • Install Revo Uninstaller (You can use any of the uninstallers)
    • This is useful to track the changes of the OS during the installation
  • Have QTP 11 Installation disk/image
  • Don’t start installation using setup.exe
  • First install all prerequisites from
    • <Installation Setup Folder>\QuickTest\EN\prerequisites
    • <Installation Setup Folder>\QuickTest\Common
  • Now open Revo Uninstaller (Open Any of the installed uninstallers)
  • Install QTP from Uninstaller and do activate hunter mode (Important)
    • hunter mode will track all the changes that are being done by QTP installation
  • complete the installation and save the trace file which is generated by Uninstaller (Important)
    • This file will be useful at the time of QTP uninstallation

Note: If you have the trace file that will be enough for uninstallation.

Uninstallation Process:

  • Open trace file from Uninstaller
  • Uninstall using the trace file
    • Uninstaller will Remove all traces and some traces will not be deleted automatically if those are linked with any other program.
    • In this case it will show you the files/registry that are not deleted. You can select all and delete them.
    • There is possibility that some files related to other programs might get deleted
  • Run the uninstall program for multiple times using the trace log
  • Restart the machine
  • Check for windows updates
    • In case if you have deleted system files, windows update will recover them.
  • By now QTP got completely uninstalled from your machine.


  • After this process you may find some unexpected issues with WIFI, VC++ 2005 runtime components error…etc.  You might need to spend time on fixing it. I suggest this method to people who has some knowledge on windows registry mechanism.
  • You can find lot of uninstallers in the market. Uninstallers are useful to clean uninstall of a software. Lot of uninstallers are available with some trial period.
  • If you have the traced log file, you can uninstall QTP from any machine with the same OS.
  • If your friends has the traced log file, you can use it to uninstall from your machine.
  • Do not forget to update windows after uninstallation
  • This process is only to completely uninstall QTP from a machine.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for information.
    So, after uninstall completely one can install trial version again on same machine?

  2. ResetQTPTrial.exe
    USe this to reset QTP trial

    1. Where is the QTP Exe Path as your program pointed? I only have C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\bin\UFT.exe for my version 11.5


    2. It works for me. I am using QTP 11.0. It relieved my head ache..

    3. It works for me. I am using QTP 11.0. It relieved my head ache..

  3. Hello could some one upload a new copy of ResetQTPTrial.exe, looks like the link has been removed from the groups.

  4. Could someone upload a new copy of ResetQTPTrial.exe in rapidshare or some other share site? Looks like the copy has been deleted.

  5. Thanks a ton..it worked for me