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Friday, January 10, 2014

What's new in UFT 11.5x

  • UFT 11.5x is the combination HP Service Test and QTP
  • UFT is called as Unified Functional Testing where all HP testing related products are combined into it
  • HP Service Test used to test the web services and hence UFT will also be used to test web services
  • There are lot of changes in IDE when compared with QTP. All menu options segregated based on their usage
    • All Script Run related options like Running, Debugging, Update, Maintenance run modes …etc there in Run menu
    • Record Related options like types of recordings, recording configurations available in Record menu
    • Script design options like inserting Steps, Synchronization, checkpoints, comments and transaction points available in Design menu
    • HP Quality Center is also combined to HP Application Life Cycle Management. And so we call QC as ALM
    • All ALM connecting options available in ALM menu
  • There is an architecture change in Test design
    • Before we can open only one test at a time and create the actions in it
    • Now they have given a new feature called “Solution” where we can add multiple tests to it
    • We can also edit multiple tests of the same solution at a time
  • There are some changes to the QTP View panes as well
    • Available Keywords is now ToolBox
    • DataTable is Data
    • Information and Missing Resources panes are combined in to Errors
    • Resources is now Solution Explorer
    • Test Flow is Canvas
    • ToDo became Tasks
    • Print log is output
    • Debug Viewer sub tabs are now divided in to individual panes
      • Watch as watch
      • Variables as Local Variables
      • Command as Console
      • A view for Break Points to show all break points of that solution
      • Call Stack: a new view to see the Function Call Flow
  • Changes in Recording
    • A new recording toolbar will opened when you start recording
    • This toolbar will help you
      • To create new actions
      • To insert synchronization and checkpoints
      • To switch between recording modes
      • To stop recording
    • A new recording mechanism introduced “Insight Recording”
    • This uses Image Based Identification for the objects
  • Changes in Object Identification
    • A new identification mechanism introduced “Image Based Identification
    • When you record using Insight recording It stores the images of the objects in Object Repository
    • UFT finds the objects using the stored snapshots of the objects
    • This kind of identification useful when UFT fail to recognize the objects or technology
    • Insight objects will not have any kind of properties
    • If required you can use Visual Relation Identifiers or Ordinal Identifiers
    • Smart Identification is not applicable for Insight Objects
  • Changes in Checkpoints
    • File Content Checkpoint introduced
    • Using this you can verify the data in HTML, PDF, MS WORD, RTF, TEXT Files
    • You can also use Regular expressions to verify data in those files
  • Product Enhancements
    • Introduced code blocks in expert view
    • enhanced the intelligence for classes, functions, environment variables and other keywords
    • Short cut key introduced CTRL+ALT+F5 to stop the test run
    • You can use XLSX files when importing data
  • Finally Don’t forget to watch Product Movies about new features introduced
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