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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Test Object Model in QTP

Test Object Model (TOM)
The test object model is a large set of object types or classes that QuickTest uses to represent the objects in your application. Each test object class has a list of properties that can uniquely identify objects of that class and a set of relevant methods that QuickTest can record for it.

A test object is an object that QuickTest creates in the Object repository to represent the actual object in your application.
A run-time object is the actual object in your application on which methods are performed during the run session.

When you perform an operation on your application while recording, QuickTest:
Ø       Identifies the QuickTest test object class that represents the object on which you performed the operation and creates the appropriate test object
Ø       Reads the current value of the object's properties in your application and stores the list of properties and values with the test object
Ø       Chooses a unique name for the object, generally using the value of one of its prominent properties
Ø       Records the operation that you performed on the object using the appropriate QuickTest test object method

TOM in Registry Editor
Navigation: - Start-> Run->type “regedit->My Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional \ MicTest\Test Objects

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