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Monday, May 4, 2009

ListBox Object

The default method for List box is "Select".
Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Find Flights").WebList("depart").Select "London"
Can we do anything more with ListBox?
1. Selecting more items in a list
2. Get all items from a list
'Selecting more items in a list
Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Find Flights").WebList("depart").Select "London"
Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Find Flights").WebList("depart"). ExtendSelect "Paris"
'Select is to select single item in a list box
'ExtendSelect is to select more than one item after selecting an item in list box using select method
'Get all items from a list
Dim iCount
Dim iIndex
iCount=Browser("Countrywide").Page("Countrywide").WebList("LoanType").GetROProperty("items count")
For iIndex=1 to iCount
msgbox Browser("Countrywide").Page("Countrywide").WebList("LoanType").GetItem(iIndex)

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  1. How to Remove the Duplicate value in List box list using vb script.. plz tel