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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to capture the tooltip of a link?

My query is regarding Tool Tip. I am having issue with capturing the toop tip.The problem is if the mouse is located at some diff. location. and i want to find out the tooptip for the link, which is  currently not being pointed by the mouse. how to get the tool tip for that link. the property of the link does not have the property as Alt. it is blank. so i trired out the below code to get but it is working only when the mouse is moved the location. else its displaying blank.
If it is image you can go for alt property to capture the tooltip. But here you need to get the tooltip of a link. There is no test object property is providing link tooltip. You can use RunTime Object Property to get the tooltip.

tooltip=Browser("XXXX" ).Page("YYYY").Link( "Link A").object.title
msgbox tooltip
title property is used for tooltip of a link.

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