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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to return multiple values from a function?

Usually Function procedure will return only one value. But by using arrays concept we can return multiple values from a function.
Function fnGetOddNumbersInRange(fStartRange,fEndRange)
Dim oddNumbers()
Dim cnt,iCounter
'Initiating a counter to redim the dynamic array
For iCounter=fStartRange to fEndRange
'Applying the odd number logic : num/2 <>0 then its an odd number
If iCounter mod 2<>0 Then
ReDim preserve oddNumbers(cnt)
' Storing Odd numbers in dynamic array
End If
'Assigning array to the function
End Function
'How to work with this function?
'Here Function will return array value
For i=0 to ubound(oVal)
' Displaying the values in array
msgbox oVal(i)

1 comment :

  1. How to pass arguments to the following function if we will call it in a script?

    function findflight(byval x)
    with browser(home)
    with .page(home)
    .webradiogroup(triptype).select x(0)
    .weblist(passengers).select x(1)
    .weblist(from).select x(2)
    .weblist(depmonth).select x(3)
    .weblist(depday).select x(4)
    .weblist(dest).select x(5)
    .weblist(retmonth).select x(6)
    .weblist(retday).select x(7)
    .webradiogroup(clas).select x(8)
    .weblist(pref).select x(9)
    end with
    end with

    Please help me