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Monday, July 6, 2009

Test / Action Iterations

Test iterations are depends on Global Datatable activated rows and Action iterations are depends on its own local datatable activated rows.
Activated row means “A row which is having data even if it is Null”.By default in QTP the datatable rows are in blur black color. If you enter any data in a row automatically the row line color will become black. That color indicates row is activated. 
For example a test is having 3 actions and the global datatable is having 2 rows of data and Action1 datatable is having 2 rows of data, Action2 datatable is having 4 rows of data and Action3 datatable is having 5 rows of data.
The total test will execute for 2 rows (2 Global datatable rows)
For every Test execution
Action1 will execute for 2 times. (2 Action1 datatable rows)
Action2 will execute for 4 times. (4 Action2 datatable rows)
Action3 will execute for 5 times. (5 Action3 datatable rows)
On a whole
Action1 will run for 2*2 = 4 times
Action2 will run for 2*4 = 8 times
Action3 will run for 2*5 = 10 times
This will happen only if all the Test and Actions Iteration settings are in “Run on All Rows”. By default “Run on All Rows” is selected for Test settings and “Run one Iteration” for Action settings.
Test Iteration Settings Change Location
FileàSettingsàRunà Datatable Iterations
Action Iteration Settings Change Location
 KeyWord View à Select Actionà Edit à Actionà Action Call Properties
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  1. Hi Sudhakar,Thanx for your incredible material ,such a grt site!!

  2. Hi Sudhakar,

    I have an Action, that runs 5 times for 5 different login IDs.
    In the Run results Viewer, it says:

    Action1 Summary
    Action1 Summary
    Action1 Summary
    Action1 Summary
    Action1 Summary

    Whereas I want the results to say
    ID1 Summary
    ID2 Summary
    ID3 Summary
    ID4 Summary
    ID5 Summary

    Is it possible?