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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Find Hidden Rows in a Table

Find Hidden Rows in a Table

Function FindTableHiddenRows(oTableId,BrowserProp)

Dim oDocument
Dim oTableObject
Dim oTableRowCount
Dim rIndex

Set oDocument=browser(BrowserProp).Object.Document

Set oTableObject=oDocument.getElementById(oTableId)


For rIndex=0 to oTableRowCount-1
  If  oTableObject.rows(rIndex).style.display <> "" and lcase(oTableObject.rows(rIndex).style.display)="none" then
 msgbox "RowNumber "&rIndex+1&" with text '"& oTableObject.rows(rIndex).innertext &"' Is hidden"
  End If

Set oDocument=nothing
Set oTableObject=Nothing
End Function
'Calling the Function
FindTableHiddenRows "MyTable","title:=Google"

Here MyTable is the Table HTML ID.

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  1. hi sudhakar,

    i have a webtable row whose style has visibility:hidden. i am not able to get that row using above method..any ideas?


  2. Never mind, i got it after some more research