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Friday, October 16, 2009

Preparing and Using Test Data for Automation Test Scenarios

Preparing and Using Test Data for Automation Test Scenarios


Many software systems are having functionalities which require more data to be entered. When testing these types of data validation scenarios many people struck at preparation of test data.

If we have not used Good and Quality test data, then that functionality will have a less probability of finding errors in testing stage and high probability of failure at the end user. So we have to prepare test data which will have high probability of finding errors in Testing Stage and low probability of failure at the end user. This approach gives a Quality Output.

How to prepare Good and Quality Test Data?

Let's discuss with this small example. Y
ou have a login page which contains an user name and password fields and your testing conditions are like below specified...

UserName Conditions:-
Give more number of characters than specified
Give less number of characters than specified
Give an invalid user name
Give null user name
Give valid user name

Password Conditions:-
Give more number of characters than specified
Give less number of characters than specified
Give an invalid Password
Give null Password
Give valid Password

Now your testing conditions are available. But how to make Test Data Pairs?

Taking each and every condition and pair with another condition will consumes a lot of time and it's not preferable. Here exactly we need to think about the concept of automating preparation of Test Data.

The Solution is TestersDesk's Pairwise Test Data Generator.

By using this we can reduce the test data preparation time and can spend more time to find errors by using prepared data.

Simple Steps to make Test Data Using TestersDesk's Pairwise Test Data Generator
Step1: Navigate and login to http://www.testersdesk.com/

Step2: Click on "Pairwise Testcase Generator"


Step3: Enter your Test Sample Condition Data in "Test Parameters with their values" text box and click on Display Results Button
For this you should know the Sample Condition Data preparation format.
This is prepared on basis of test conditions.


Display Results Appears like this


Then you can have the data in CSV or XML file to use in QTP. Click “Show Results in CSV format” button to get data in CSV format, Click “Show Results in XML format” button to get data in XML format.



To be continued with a new post Using Test Data in QTP will be updated SOON.


  1. Good introduction, Sudhakar. The table of test combinations we produce can also be termed asTtest Design as each individual row is a Test Case in itself.For example, if we see the tools in our Test Data toolkit they produce test data, whereas the tools in Test Design Toolkit produce Test Cases.Thanks for posting an article covering our free online test toolkit to the testing community.-Ashwin.Ashwin Palaparthi,Founder, TestersDesk.com,Better test design. Faster test data.

  2. Nice presentation