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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quality Center Practice Assignments

QC Practice Assignments

  •  Level 1 – Creating Basic Features
    • Create a Requirement and child requirements
    • Change the Requirement Review Status
    • Create a Manual Test and Testcases
    • Create TestSet and Execute Test cases
    • Raise a Defect from Test Lab
    • Raise a Defect from Defects Tab
  • Level 2 – Mapping and Tracing
    • Map Requirements to Testcases
    • Observe Requirement status after Mapping
    • Map Testcases to Requirements
    • Link a Defect to Requirements
    • Link a Defect to Manual Test
    • Link a Defect to Another Defect
    • Change Defect Status
    • Observe Defect History
  • Level 3 – Filters and Attachments
    • Filter the “Not Covered” Status Requirements
    • Filter the Tests from Test Plan Based on Test Designer
    • Filter failed Test from Test Set
    • Filter High Priority Defects from Defects Tab
    • Add Attachments to requirement
    • Add Attachments to Test and Testcase steps
    • Attach screenshot to a Defect
    • Attach documents to a Test Set
  • Level 4 – Creating Tests in Different way and Deleting Test Runs
    • Create Manual Test and Testcase Names from Requirements using “Convert to Tests” Option in Requirements.
    • Call a manual Test in Another Manual Test
    • Create a Template Test
    • Create Parameters for Test Case
    • Call Manual Test with Parameters
    • Delete TestSet Run history using Purge Runs Option
    • Find similar type of Defects for one Defect
  • Level 5 – Reports
    • Generate Report on Requirement Coverage
    • Generate a Report on Test Planning
    • Export Testcases to an Excel File
    • Generate a Report for Test Set failed runs
    • Generate a Report for Defects with Linked Tests and Runs
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