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Friday, December 17, 2010

Get Absolute Path from Relative Path

If you use Relative Path for all the resources, the path displays something like "..\..\QtpSudhakar\Libs\Sample.vbs". 

Sometimes we may require to have full path to send it to results file or to know exact location of the file for debugging. In this scenario to know the full path of a resource which is associated with relative path, we have to use below script. The script will automatically return the absolute path of a resource which is specified with Relative Path. 

Dim cLibs
Dim LibIndex

' Get Control over QTP
Set QTP=CreateObject("Quicktest.Application")

'Get All Associated Resources
set cLibs=QTP.Test.Settings.Resources.Libraries

For LibIndex=1 to cLibs.Count

' Using PathFinder object locate and display the Absolute path
 msgbox PathFinder.Locate( cLibs.Item(LibIndex))


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