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Monday, September 1, 2014

Generating Random Strings in QTP/UFT

'Logic Explanation:
' RandomNumber ststement only gives specific random numbers between given range
' 97-122 are the ASCII codes for a-z alphabets.
' Chr(97) will return 'a', Similarly Chr function return chacters based on ASCII codes
' In below function the random numbers will be generated between 97-122
' Using Chr function the generated numbers will be converted in to characters
' The generated characters will store in "gChr" variable
' Finally gChr value will be returned as Function Value
Function GenerateRandomString(StrLength)
 ' Declare Variables
 Dim StrLenIndex
 Dim chrAscCode
 Dim gChr
 'Use for loop to generate StrLength many characters
 For StrLenIndex = 1 To StrLength
  ' Get Random ASCII Code
  ' Convert ASCII code in to character
 'Return converted character to function
End Function
'Function Calling
MsgBox GenerateRandomString(5)

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