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Friday, July 24, 2015

What is LeanFT? Why do you need to learn HP LeanFT? What is the advantage you get??

These are the common questions which you need to know answers for. Let's discuss.

The Fall of QTP/UFT and Raise of Selenium

The main drawback of QTP/UFT is its license cost. This is not going well in today’s cost cutting world. Even after buying the license, companies should spend equal amount of money on candidates to work especially when compared with open source tools.

As per HP we don’t need expert programmers to work on UFT. But we do need programmer minds to work on UFT. Ultimately every company needs a programmer to work on UFT just because those companies have its own Test Automation Frameworks which have advanced features.

After software development world became more of AGILE, they want testing to be completed as soon as possible. Because of this reason the companies started introducing “DevTesters” to do testing. Now they need an Automation Tool which can integrate with their application development environment. QTP/UFT is not suitable for them here. So their choice is selenium. It’s FREE and supports multiple languages, browsers, IDE’s …. Etc.

Companies started giving preference to selenium though it support only WEB applications, difficult to automate many advanced web applications, less resource power, more configurations and less support because it’s open source. They didn’t find right alternate and adjusting themselves with lot of workarounds.

2011-2013 is the period where HP completely ignored the point of DevTester. They are in a myth that automation tester doesn’t require programing knowledge. They started realizing when the “Many Featured UFT” failed to get attention from Markets.

But HP’s version is different. They thought that software industry will use more of WebServices to reuse already developed functionalities of different applications. In that way companies can develop applications early. Also using UFT API Testing feature application functionality can be tested before its development. It did not happened like the way how HP Planned UFT. So they introduced LeanFT.

What are they giving in LeanFT?

It’s late. But they started well by making a tool with all required features and environment support that are needed for DevTesters. You can use Java or C# to write testing programs.

The below are the strong points of LeanFT over Selenium
  1. Supports multiple environments Windows Standard, web, .NET Windows Forms, WPF, SAP, mobile, Java.
  2. QTP/UFT object identification techniques
    • Identifying Objects with Properties
    • X-Path
    • Visual Relation Identifier
    • Index
    • Insight Object Identification
  3. Application Models (Object Repositories in QTP/UFT)
  4. Object Identification Center (Object Spy in QTP/UFT)
  5. Detailed HTML Reports
What is the Future of UFT?

UFT will become an Automation tool for Business Users, Manual Testers and Automation Testers by which they can automate test cases with less scripting skills and when application is already developed. It’s going to have more features towards “Business Process Testing” Technique which is integrated with Quality Center.

HP also giving “Execution Engine” for UFT scripts which will become a cost effective solution for their customers. They don’t need to buy complete UFT tool IDE even for executing scripts. “Execution Engine” is a separate license at less cost to execute UFT scripts as part of regression testing.

Is LeanFT a Part of UFT?

Yes and No. HP is giving options to their customers.
  1. Buy/Upgrade to UFT 12.5 and get LeanFT for Free
  2. Buy LeanFT for script development and “Execution Engine” to execute already developed UFT scripts
  3. Buy only LeanFT for new development
Why do you need to learn LeanFT?

Every customer who has UFT 12.X licensed software they can get free upgrade to UFT 12.5. LeanFT is coming along with UFT 12.5 and there are more than 5000 customers are currently active for HP UFT. All of them will get UFT 12.5 with LeanFT for free.

5000 customers mean 5000 companies who are having LeanFT now. Where they can get the candidates to work?

Lot of people got jobs easily on selenium in 2012-2014 period. But now there are so many people in market than demand of selenium. The competition is huge. But now 5k companies have option to use LeanFT for free. They will start searching for the people who have knowledge on LeanFT for their future projects. Where are you?? Are you going to learn LeanFT??

Think and Choose …

Download LeanFT from www.hp.com/go/leanft
Download UFT 12.5 from www.hp.com/go/leanft
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