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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VBScript Features

Category Keywords
Array handling Array, Dim, Private, Public, ReDim, IsArray, Erase, LBound, UBound
Assignments Set
Comments Comments using ' or Rem
Constants/Literals Empty, Nothing, Null, True, False
Control flow Do...Loop, For...Next, For Each...Next, If...Then...Else, Select Case, While...Wend, With
Conversions Abs, Asc, AscB, AscW, Chr, ChrB, ChrW, CBool, CByte, CCur, CDate, CDbl, CInt, CLng, CSng, CStr, DateSerial, DateValue, Hex, Oct, Fix, Int, Sgn, TimeSerial, TimeValue
Dates/Times Date, Time, DateAdd, DateDiff, DatePart, DateSerial, DateValue, Day, Month, MonthName, Weekday, WeekdayName, Year, Hour, Minute, Second, Now, TimeSerial, TimeValue
Declarations Class, Const, Dim, Private, Public, ReDim, Function, Sub, Property Get, Property Let, Property Set
Error Handling On Error, Err
Expressions Eval, Execute, RegExp, Replace, Test
Formatting Strings FormatCurrency, FormatDateTime, FormatNumber, FormatPercent
Input/Output InputBox, LoadPicture, MsgBox
Literals Empty, FALSE, Nothing, Null, TRUE
Math Atn, Cos, Sin, Tan, Exp, Log, Sqr, Randomize, Rnd
Miscellaneous Eval Function, Execute Statement, RGB Function
Objects CreateObject, Err Object, GetObject, RegExp
Operators Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Exponentiation (^), Modulus arithmetic (Mod), Multiplication (*), Division (/), Integer Division (\), Negation (-), String concatenation (&), Equality (=), Inequality (<>), Less Than (<), Less Than or Equal To (<=), Greater Than (>), Greater Than or Equal To (>=), Is, And, Or, Xor, Eqv, Imp
Options Option Explicit
Procedures Call, Function, Sub, Property Get, Property Let, Property Set
Rounding Abs, Int, Fix, Round, Sgn
Script Engine ID ScriptEngine, ScriptEngineBuildVersion, ScriptEngineMajorVersion, ScriptEngineMinorVersion
Strings Asc, AscB, AscW, Chr, ChrB, ChrW, Filter, InStr, InStrB, InStrRev, Join, Len, LenB, LCase, UCase, Left, LeftB, Mid, MidB, Right, RightB, Replace, Space, Split, StrComp, String, StrReverse, LTrim, RTrim, Trim
Variants IsArray, IsDate, IsEmpty, IsNull, IsNumeric, IsObject, TypeName, VarType


The above table displays the list of features that vbscript is having. This list is given in QTP help document –> VBScript Reference –> VBScript –> User’s Guide –> VBScript Fundamentals –> VBScript Features.

We can easily find which function/keyword to be used for any specific situation. For example to work with maths, you can easily find the Math related functions in Math category.


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